Extremely hairy woman believed in love and refused to razors


Photo: @hirsuteskinsuit

The American, who eight years old is suffering from high hair growth, abandoned the razor for a loved one. Her history shared edition of the Sun.

32-year-old Dana from Portland, Oregon, began to shave my body hair since my very early years, when children taunted her hairy legs. From the age of 12 she had to regularly visit a beauty salon to pluck my eyebrows and bleach the hair on the upper lip.

My entire adult life plucked, removed the wax and bleached the hair on different parts of the body, including the toes and feet, but nothing brought lasting results. Two years ago the woman went to the gynecologist who diagnosed her with hirsutism — excessive hair growth on the female body.

This young man Steve drew attention to the painful process of getting rid of hair and selection of the clothing that was causing the woman’s suffering and offered to renounce forever the razors. He said that her beauty is not dependent on the amount of hair on the body.

“We met only a couple of months when he made this statement, says Dana. He helped me to clear the mind and to understand the true problems of my lack of self-beauty.”

Over the past two years, the woman has learned to accept and love your body hair. According to This, every time she thought of herself as ugly, she sent Steve a picture of her hair, and always received numerous compliments and words of support.

Now women are actively encouraged other people not to be carried out on about society-imposed ideals, laying out photos of hairy parts of the body in social networks.

In February 2018, a 33-year-old lia Jorgensen (Jorgensen Leah) from the American city of Madison, Wisconsin, spoke about how her life changed when she stopped to hide my hirsutism. Jorgensen stopped shaving my body hair, was wearing revealing clothes and for the first time went to the beach in a bikini after started a relationship with a man who was embarrassed by her illness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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