In Spanish the airport lost the plane


Photo: Oscar Gonzalez /

At the airport Madrid-Barajas Adolfo suárez (Spain) has detected an unknown aircraft that stood there without moving for several years. It is reported by CNN.

The airport Director, Elena mayoral, published in the Spanish newspaper Boletin Oficial del Estado official statement that the airport Parking lot was found abandoned a few years ago a passenger airliner McDonnell Douglas MD-80. How long he had been there, not reported.

According to the legislation of the country, the announcement of the discovery must be published within three months from the moment of her discovery, and then a year wait for the response of the owner. If the owner is not found, the authorities will be able to recognize the aircraft abandoned and sell it at public auction.

In January it was reported that the aircraft of airline “Transaero” left in Moscow airports, put up for auction. On an electronic platform of JSC “Center for remote trading” March 4 will be sold airframes and aircraft engines Boeing-767-200 and Boeing-737-300 airframe of Boeing-737-300 from Domodedovo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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