In the Arctic have noticed the appearance of ancient organisms


Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

Scientists at the University of Colorado at boulder (USA) reported that climate change led to the release from the ice, large areas of land in the Arctic with a dead plant that has been isolated for about 40 thousand years. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers studied the remains of mosses and lichens growing on Baffin island — the island located in Northern Canada, West of Greenland. The island is characterized by mountains separated by lowlands and uplands, and the thin layer of ice creates a natural “refrigerator”, retained in plant tissue. However, in the last decade the region has experienced significant warming, causing the ice begin to recede, exposing the ground.

Experts have conducted radiocarbon Dating 48 plant samples, collected from 30 ice caps, and determined age, when the glaciers retreated for the last time, and temperature. It turned out that the current century is the warmest for the region over the last 115 thousand years. If the trend continues, Baffin island a few centuries, completely free from glaciers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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