In the United States offered the Russian “U-9” stoned


Uranium-9Фото: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

The adoption of the Russian armed forces military multifunctional robot “U-9” without correcting its flaws will do ground drone easy prey for the us military, writes Task & Purpose.

“So what happens when American troops encounter one of the unmanned vehicles, “U-9″, which will appear in Syria in the not so distant future? If we assume that the updates just hide a bad technology, the answer is simple — hit it with a rock or something,” writes the American edition.

Thus, in Task & Purpose, commented on the decision to adopt a “U-9”, which was previously discovered flaws.

In January, the General Director of concern “Kalashnikov” Vladimir Dmitriev said that the Russian army were armed robot “U-9”.

In June 2018, it became known that “U-9” at the end of use in Syria, discovered the flaws.

Created “Kalashnikov” robot “Uranus-9” equipped with anti-tank guided missiles “Attack”, 30-mm automatic cannon 2A72, and the upgraded 7.62-mm tank machine gun Kalashnikov. Weapons allows the drone to destroy manpower, lightly armored vehicles and tanks and heavy objects.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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