In Ukraine, questioned the existence of the Russians


Oleg Sackinger: UKRLIFE.TV / YouTube

A nation, as Russians, does not exist, and after the collapse of the Russian Federation a number of subjects will be attracted to Ukraine. This view with the participants of the chat on the website, “Glavred” said Ukrainian political scientist, Director of Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin.

“I would like to stress that the nation called “the Russians” does not exist. As you know, the very name “Russia” has appeared very simply — it was a carbon copy of the Latin writing Eng” — explained Soskin.

But in fact, the analyst said, is the name of Ukraine. “It is Peter I stole the name “Rus” among our people. So Russia is protonotaria Ukraine. And so the Russians no longer exists,” wrote Soskin.

No Russians “as such”, said the analyst. “This is a set of national republics with different national ethnic groups: Finno-Ugric, Turkic, Uralic and so on And once will not be [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, these ethnic groups start to build their own state: Udmurtiya will build their own state, Tatarstan, Bashkiria — its, Kalmyks, Yakuts — his and so on,” he said.

“Undoubtedly, Russian Federation has geopolitical and ethno-national future, it should break up,” — said Soskin. After this, the analyst believes, the resulting States will begin to build their own future, and they will not be in Ukraine. “On the contrary, they want to see Ukraine as an ally, which will help them to build their state,” he says.

“I believe that in the border regions — the Voronezh, Bryansk, Smolensk, Kursk, Belgorod, Rostov and the Kuban region — everywhere our people live. So when the Russian Federation begins to disintegrate, small will be drawn to the larger. It’s all part of our ethnic group, our nation. It is the Slavs, Russians, Orthodox. They all become a part of,” he shared his forecast of the analyst. For this, he said, Ukraine you just need to change the administrative-territorial model “to come to the regional principle, then the parts of the disintegrating Russian will be easy to join the Russia-Ukraine”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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