In Ukraine, talking about the kidnapping of Yanukovych from Russia


Photo: RIA Novosti

Ukrainian special forces can steal from Russia former President Viktor Yanukovych, but the authorities need to calculate the risks and take responsibility. With such statement on air of TV channel “espresso” made by the former Deputy head of the security Service of Ukraine major-General Viktor Yagun.

“The only way to pry it from there (from Russia — approx. “Of the”) is conducting a special operation”, — he said.

Yagun noted that the implementation of this plan required a “political spirit” — the desire of the country’s leadership and his willingness to take responsibility in case of failure of the operation.

“We have not that much worse guys than in Israel or in the United States,” he described the Incident Ukrainian commandos. However, he acknowledged that there is a possibility of failure of the operation.

January 24, Obolonskyi court of Kiev found former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych guilty to charges of treason and complicity in waging aggressive war and sentenced him to 13 years imprisonment. A criminal case against Yanukovych was heard in absentia due to the fact that he is in Russia, which ran in 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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