Lost in forest three-year-old said of the bear Savior


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In the us the district of Craven, North Carolina, found missing in the woods in the cold little boy. As informs edition The Guardian, the child says that he helped to survive a black bear.

The three-year Casey Hathaway (Casey Hathaway) disappeared on Tuesday, January 22. He was playing in the backyard at grandma’s, along with two other children and never returned home. In the evening the temperature dropped to minus six degrees Celsius, while the child was not dressed for the weather.

They searched for him with helicopters, drones, dog handlers and divers. In addition, the forest scoured hundreds of volunteers. By Thursday the cold wind and rain got so bad that volunteers were asked to stop the search.

Thursday, January 24, the police heard in the forest the crying of the child. Boy found on island in the thorny bushes, he was cold and wet, but escaped with just a few scratches. Casey explained to police that “he has a friend in the woods, and he cared about him — and that’s a bear.” He asked the guards for some water and really wanted to return to his mother.

The same boy told her aunt. “The Lord sent him friend to take care of him. Miracles happen,” she said.

Sheriff Chip Hughes (Hughes Chip) added that rescuers had to reach the boy through the icy water depth over the chest. The growth of the child is 66 inches, and as he moved to the island, is still unknown.

The black bear or baribal is the most common in North America the species. The adult male can reach lengths up to two meters, on average it weighs up to 360 kg. Representatives of this species rarely attack humans and prefer to avoid him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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