Macron estimate of the victims of the protests in France


Photo: Vincent Kessler / Reuters

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that the protests of “yellow jackets” in the country killed 11 people. He said this during a speech in Egypt, reports TASS. It has been broadcast in the Twitter-account of the head of state.

Macron also stressed that the actions of the security forces did not cause the death of any one person.

On January 20 the ninth consecutive campaign. The demonstrators commemorated at that time ten victims during demonstrations of the “yellow jackets.”

On 12 January it was reported that according to the calculations of the Prefecture of police of Paris, in the protests across the country took part 84 thousand people. Detained 240 people, of whom 200 are in custody. In Paris of the 156 detainees in custody are 74 people.

The riots in France continue from mid-November last year. The discontent of inhabitants of the country brought news of the tax increase on gasoline.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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