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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of eggplant caviar. It was attended by experts of relevant institutions.

In the study, were studied samples of six brands: Bonduelle, “the Bed of fortune/Our family,” Yoko, “Pikant”, “Uncle Vanya” and “Collection retro”. Experts evaluate products for 30 parameters, including safety, concentrations of toxic substances, heavy metals and correct the stated marking.

In samples Bonduelle, “the Bed of fortune/Our family,” Yoko and “Uncle Vanya” is detected low salt content that does not correspond to GOST. Although the researchers call it the virtue of caviar. In these brands lowered fat content.

“Caviar of eggplant contains slightly more fat than eggs from the squash or squash. According to GOST mass fraction of fat of caviar from aubergines must be not less than nine percent and the fat content of caviar from vegetable marrows or squash — no less than seven percent. In addition, the eggplant caviar — this is not the fatty vegetable caviar. According to GOST, the fat content of eggs from cabbage is not less than 10 percent. And let’s not forget that in the eggs — vegetable oil consumption which most people are not up to the recommended Ministry of health standards”, — quotes the expert of the center of expertise “Roskontrol” Elena Manachini.

The images under the brands Bonduelle and “Uncle Vanya” product weight was unevenly crushed and the last product also found a minor detachment of the liquid. However, all the six samples showed good organoleptic properties.

All brands are found to contain nitrates, however, in small quantities, which was not the cause for comments.

The results of this study, all six samples showed good results and were recommended for use.

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