Passenger plane almost collided with a business jet Falcon


Photo: Dmitry Petrochenko /

Business jet Falcon dangerously close to Boeing over the Rostov region. About it reports “Interfax” citing a source in air traffic control services.

It happened on Sunday evening, January 27. Passenger liner, on Board of which there were about a hundred people, was flying from Istanbul to Moscow. During the flight the pilot announced Boeing about dangerous rapprochement with the business aircraft Falcon, which was flying on the opposite direction, the dispatcher service. According to the report, the distance between them does not exceed 350 meters.

The pilots of the Boeing change the height to avoid collision, and the aircraft departed.

In August 2018 it was reported about the dangerous convergence of Russian Airbus A330 aircraft with an unidentified flying object over the Black sea, but later the Federal air transport Agency denied this information. The reason deployed in the cockpit of sensors dangerous approach could be exceeding the vertical speed of the ship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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