Peruvian from “Locomotive” remembered “the bad times”


Jefferson, Farfante: Ramil Sitdikov/ RIA Novosti

Striker Moscow “Locomotive” Jefferson Farfan recalled how in 2017 after returning from the national team of Peru flew to Khabarovsk on the championship of Russia. Words athlete leads “CHempionata”.

The player he called the period “a terrible time”. He said that he first flew to New Zealand to team to meet with the national team, and from there went to the capital of Peru, Lima, and from there returned to Moscow. Eight days after that “locomotive” flew to Khabarovsk, where he played in the cold.

Explaining how he managed to cope, Farfan said: “very, Very difficult. Save movies, music collections and the many sleep.”

Just in November of 2017, the Peruvian flew 46.7 thousand kilometers. This exceeds the length of the equator.

For the “locomotive” Farfan plays from January 2017. In the team he became the champion of Russia in 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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