Porsche will accelerate the death of Tesla


Photo: Marijan Murat / DPA / Globallookpress.com

Manufacturers of electric Taycan, first in the Porsche lineup, found a way to circumvent sales of the Tesla. About it reports Bloomberg.

Thanks to 800-volt battery electric Porsche will be able to charge in four minutes. This time is enough to drive about 60 miles (almost 100 kilometers). For comparison, in order to charge the battery at the stations Tesla to about 80 percent, it will take half an hour.

Manufacturers believe that this factor will be decisive in the sales of the new electric car, not the speed of acceleration. This will help to reassure buyers that are afraid to remain with the discharged electric car without the possibility of recharging.

The owners Taycan will be able three years of free charging stations, each with at least two chargers for 350 kilowatts. Charging stations will be equipped 120 dealerships Porsche.

On the Russian market Porsche Taycan will appear in 2020. The head of Porsche in Russia Thomas Starzel said that is already working with 10 dealers in the country, which will begin the first sales of electric cars. “Every year we plan to sell 100-200 of these cars in Russia. For comparison, now the entire market of electric cars in the country is about one hundred”, — said Sterzel.

In five to seven years, Porsche is planning to electrify its other models. By 2020, the amount of investment by Porsche in the development of electric vehicles will amount to six billion euros.

Earlier it was reported that BMW and Porsche jointly developed the innovative electrospray Fast Charge. The work also involved Siemens and profile of company specializing in chargers and batteries Allego and Phoenix Contact E-Mobility. Germany has established two experimental stations.

In January it became known about new issues, Tesla. The company will withdraw from China about 14 thousand cars in connection with malfunction of the airbags. In November, the head of Tesla Elon Musk predicted its quick death. According to him, the company is losing money like crazy.

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