Predicted more rapid onset of global catastrophe


Photo: Denis Balibouse / Reuters

Scientists of the meteorological service of great Britain and Exeter University (England) found that in 2019, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere will be one of the highest in the entire history of observations. This happens because of the increase of anthropogenic emissions and reducing the efficiency of absorption of carbon dioxide by ecosystems. About it reported in a press release on

According to the researchers, the monitoring of the atmosphere, held in the Observatory of Mauna Loa in Hawaii), have shown that since 1958 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 30 percent. This is caused by the emissions from fossil fuel combustion, deforestation and cement production. A significant part of the greenhouse gas is trapped in natural sinks of carbon, including plants, without which an increase in CO2 would be even greater. According to the forecast, in 2019, the absorption becomes less effective, leading to a record increase in the carbon dioxide content in the air environment of the Earth.

This is due to annual water temperature fluctuations in the Pacific ocean. In warm years, many regions of the Earth become dry and lack of moisture affects the ability of plants to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. In 2018, the Pacific ocean was colder. In 2019, the warming will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide by about 2.75 ppm and the average concentration will be 411,3 ppm with a maximum 414,7 ppm. Every year the total CO2 concentration is increasing.

The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the system atmosphere-ocean, the more increases the average temperature of the Earth. Although the participating countries of the Paris agreement in 2015, agreed to take measures to stop the temperature rise, each year the achievement of this goal becomes less likely. Increasingly, the published scientific work, which States that violation of the prescribed limits of warming is inevitable. In this case, because of the increased amount of thermal energy in the Earth’s atmosphere by the year 2100 it is expected the frequency and strength of natural disasters and soil erosion, sea level rise and a significant loss of agricultural products.

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