Relatives of Michael Jackson infuriated the new film about pedophilia singer


Photo: Danny Moloshok / Invision / AP

Family members of Michael Jackson’s furious new documentary about the pop singer “Leaving Neverland” (Neverland Leaving). Reported by ABC News Monday, January 28.

According to them, it attracts too much attention to Wade Robson and James Savchuka. In the film, the men were told that a child was sexually abused at the ranch of a musician. The Jackson family called them false witnesses, and also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the media believed them, not “hundreds of families and friends all over the world who spent time with Michael”.

“Michael always turned the other cheek, we have always turned the other cheek when people pursued the members of our family. This is the way the Jacksons. But we can’t stand aside until the ongoing public lynchings. Michael is not with us, and he can’t defend themselves, otherwise these allegations would not be extended”, — reads the statement of the relatives of the performer.

They stressed that in 2005, at the ranch of a musician “Neverland” has passed a thorough inspection. Then the singer was found not guilty of corruption of minors. The film’s Director Dan reed said he did not doubt the veracity of the stories of Robson and Sachaca.

Four-hour premiere of the documentary film took place at the festival “Sundance”. It is noted that it is shown in this footage shocked the public. Some critics dubbed the film a horror, Jeff wells, author of Hollywood Elsewhere portal, said that after this film, the defenders of Jackson will cease to support the idol.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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