Russian students poured boiling water from the ceiling during class


In the gymnasium of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai during class burst radiators, there was a flood, the water flooded several floors. A video from the scene of the incident published in the “Abituguru-26. Zheleznogorsk” in “Vkontakte”.

According to the information of the public, the flood started at about 9:50 a.m. local time in the chemistry lab on the fourth floor of the building. During the lesson the office was cold, and the teacher went to check the battery. At this point, from the radiator poured boiling water and went pairs reacted to that fire alarm. Hot water quickly seeped below and reached the third and second floor, where classes were held. The ceiling fell down in the kitchen, peeling the covers from the bulbs. Teachers rushed to save office equipment.

All the children were evacuated. Teacher of chemistry suffered burns, other injuries were reported. The school administration promised that on the following day, lessons will resume.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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