Russia’s economic growth turned out to be fictitious


Photo: Kirill Braga / RIA Novosti

Rosstat 2018 estimated growth of the construction industry to 5.3 percent, which greatly surprised analysts and experts as at the end of November in annual terms, the industry grew by only 0.5 percent. Analysts came to the conclusion that the Agency simply “painted” this growth, which actually was not. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to market participants.

As noted, this statistic has a positive impact on Russia’s GDP by 2018, Ministry of economic development has reported that this indicator grew by 2 percent instead of the original forecast of 1.8 percent. It is noteworthy that Rosstat is subordinated to the Ministry of economic development, the head of which is Maxim Oreshkin. In this case, the Agency no anomalies in the calculations did not notice.

“With the construction of it is very tricky. In some months, the revision in the nominal value of several tens of billions of rubles. These “adjustments” are not to explain something meaningful. Like some statistical tricks” — quoted analyst Igor Polyakov of the CMASF.

The publication notes that all possible modeling situations, does not achieve the results that the report of Rosstat. According to the Department, one of the main drivers of growth were the increase in capital expenditure, but analysts do not understand where the service of the state statistics it is found, given the slowdown in construction. The publication suggests that such statistical tricks were performed in order to comply with the decrees of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In December 2018, the former head of Rosstat Alexander Surinov has resigned, he headed the Agency since 2009. At this Rosstat has repeatedly been accused of falsifying data, with the peak charges occurred in the period after the office became subordinate to the Ministry of economic development. Currently, Rosstat, headed by a former official of the Ministry of economic development Pavel Malkov, who promised to reform the Agency.

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