Shary made “fun” a provocation for Poroshenko


Photo: @anatolijsharij

Journalist, video blogger and media expert Anatoly Shary has prepared a provocation for the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who on 29 January at the forum “From Cool to Brussels. We go our own way” in International exhibition center of Kiev intends to announce that it will again run for the presidency. Details of his provocation Shary revealed in his blog on YouTube.

According to the blogger, the event (the participation of Poroshenko which was confirmed by his press service, earlier “Ukrainian Pravda” reported that the nomination of Poroshenko for the presidency will be held on January 29) will arrive 14 people with posters “get away from Sharia” and “Apologize to the Sharii”. “For the dirt on me, your channels, and Lily, for the abomination you have launched against me, I was interrupted by lawsuits” — turned Shary to the Ukrainian President.

According to him, people will carry banners inside under clothing and will deploy them in those moments when the camera would show the audience. Four of them agree to shout the phrase “Poroshenko, apologize to the Sharii!” and “Peter, apologize to the Sharii!”, the blogger added.

“The stream [of the forum[ to be hilarious,” he promised Shary.

Regular elections of the President of Ukraine on 31 March 2019. Occupying the post of the head of state in 2014, Poroshenko has the right to run for a second term. According to the results conducted by the Institute of analysis and forecasting together with the Kiev press club and a number of public organizations sociological study, published January 28, Poroshenko shares the third place in the ranking of possible candidates with Yuri Boyko — each of them ready to support for 11.9 percent of those who will participate in the vote and made their choice. The rating is headed by Yulia Tymoshenko, for her ready to vote 20.2 per cent of voters, on the second place Vladimir Zelensky from 12.5 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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