Shot Russian MMA fighter in the night club Vampire got time


Frame: newsvo / YouTube

Veliky Ustyug district court has pronounced a sentence on criminal case about the murder of 19-year-old MMA fighter Denis Raskopova in a nightclub. About it reported the edition “Vologda Region”.

Guilty of a crime recognized by a local resident Sergei Popov, he was sentenced to 12 years in colony of strict regime, two of his associates, Alexey Glazachev Alexander Buchnev, was sentenced to 6.5 and 7 years respectively.

The night of 12 February 2017 drunk Popov, nicknamed the Vampire, according to Vologda the publication GorodChe, quarreled with Razdrogin who stood up for the employee of the night club — administrator is not allowed by a drunken visitor.

The conflict escalated into a fight, after which the priests decided to kill the opponent. Buddies men Glazachev and Buchnev helped him, swosu in a BMW for a hunting rifle. Buchnev grabbed the gun TT-CX.

Armed young men returned to the night club. The camera of external video surveillance.

Also the video hit the Vampire, shot in the foyer of a night school in Raskopova.

Both recordings posted on YouTube.

Guards and visitors to the club tumbled down arrow to the floor, and began to beat him and took his gun. Buchnev sent them the gun and fired at the floor sound cartridge sound-and-light action. He demanded that Popov was released. Then the friends disappeared.

Razdrogin was wounded in the right thigh. From severe blood loss, he died in the hospital.

He was a four-time winner of superiority of Severo-the Western Federal district on hand-to-hand combat, the double prize-winner of Russia on army hand-to-hand combat and the winner of the championship of Arkhangelsk region on MMA.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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