The blogger fell asleep during the broadcast and woke up a celebrity


Frame: Jesse D/Twitch

Streamer JesseDStreams fell asleep during the broadcast on Twitch, and when he awoke he found that his ether has collected more than 1.5 million views, says Game Rant.

The blogger launched a stream is in free format to communicate with the audience in the chat, yet he would eat and watch TV. After a couple of hours when chat was observed no activity, JesseDStreams dozed off. He remained in this state for another two hours. Waking up, the streamer found out that he was being watched more than 200 people.

JesseDStreams not only scored 1.5 million views, but also gained about 1.5 thousand subscribers. Game Rant notes that although falling asleep during the stream against the rules of Twitch, blogger-the offender is not punished. The publication draws attention to the fact that JesseDStreams not only not the first one who fell asleep during the broadcast on Twitch, but not the first one who passed out during the broadcast last week.

During the stream gamers often mishaps. In December 2018 a famous streamer MrDeadMoth during game Fortnite beat pregnant wife who insisted that he finished the game and went to dinner. After a verbal altercation, he left the frame, then came the sound of blows and the screaming girls, “You hit me in the face.” Concerned viewers called the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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