The Director of Tretyakov gallery have found advantages in stealing the painting


This country, Regulate: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

The theft of the painting Arkhip Kuindzhi from the Tretyakov gallery demonstrates the great demand for museums in Russia. On Monday, January 28, said gallery Director Zelfira Tregulova, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Tregulova, the availability of art to a broader public increases the risks faced by museums in the process. “The desire to reach out to people and to immerse them in art is fraught with such risks that proliferate not only in Russia but throughout the world,” she explained.

Canvas Arkhip Kuindzhi “AI-Petri. Crimea” kidnapped from the Tretyakov gallery in front of visitors on January 27. Witnesses to the crime, took the thief by the employee of the Museum. Later, the malefactor managed to be detained in Odintsovo district of Moscow region. He was a native of Feodosia. It was noted that the painting itself is not damaged, it is seized by law enforcement authorities.

After the incident, the leadership of the Tretyakov gallery announced the strengthening of security measures at all sites.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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