The Japanese fell in love with a female cockroach and ate it


Frame: Asian Boss / YouTube

Japanese Yuta Shinohara told about his affair with a female cockroach. Its history has shared information portal Sora News 24.

Shinohara from childhood he loved to eat insects, but concealed their bias from others. However, after the report of the Food and agriculture organization of the UN in 2013 about the benefits of insects as a food source by the Japanese no longer ashamed of their preferences.

Now Miho prepares a meal of crickets in their own institution. Its ramen from insects ate already more than seven thousand people. Each plate takes about hundreds of crickets.

Free time Shinohara prefers to spend outdoors. Most of all he likes to sleep on his favorite tree.

Shinohara a whole year met with a female cockroach named Lisa, whom he has ordered from Africa. The man admitted that he often thought that they fully communicate how much he became attached to her. After the death of the beloved Japanese have eaten it to “forever remain together.” The Japanese added that sometimes fantasized about having sex with insects. He imagined that it grew to human size or that it has become small.

Their main purpose in life Shinohara believes the spread of dishes from insects throughout Japan. The country already has specialized restaurants and vending machines, where you can buy food made from crickets and cockroaches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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