The kidney has been found in the leg of a child with a unique genetic disease



Kidney 10-year-old Briton Hamish Robinson (Hamish Robinson) due to unique mutations within his thigh. This writes the Inside Editiion.

Specialist geneticist who discovered that the boy is missing a chromosome 7p22.1, published a scientific paper that describes this deviation. It is possible that the child is the only carrier of this disease. She has no name, so working with him doctors use the expression “syndrome Hamish”.

The boy was born six weeks premature and weighing only 910 grams. After a few months his mother noticed that the child is developing slower than his peers. She claims that he said the first word in a year and a half (usually six months). “Once, when he was 17 months, he said, “mother,” says his mother. — After that I waited six years to hear the second word.”

One of the kidney of Robinson was located in his hip. “Ectopia of the kidney is an exceedingly rare occurrence. It occurs in one out of 900 people, says doctor Andrew Ordon (Andrew Ordon). — Kidney, which was in my hip is almost (and probably is) unheard of thing.” Because the boy does not stop, it did not remove.

Despite a genetic disease, the child goes to regular school, but still needs help in reading and writing. In addition to the regular lessons, he attends classes in karate and loves to jump on the trampoline.

In 2016, it was reported that a boy named Nihal from India who suffers from a genetic disorder Hutchinson-Gilford (HGPS) or progeria children, they began to treat the cancer drug. Doctors have suggested that this will help slow down the aging process, which in 14-year-old boy runs up to eight times faster than the average person.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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