The mother of two children secretly went into surgery for breast augmentation and died


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In China the woman went into surgery for breast augmentation secret from family and died on the operating table. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

Chinese surname Lee from the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, visited the clinic of plastic surgery January 18. 32-year-old woman decided to carry out the procedure for breast augmentation using your own fat against the will of her husband. He tried to dissuade her from the surgery because of the cost of a mortgage and two children. However, Whether borrowed 20.3 thousand yuan (198,7 thousand rubles) for the half year on medical expenses.

During the procedure, the intake of fat from the legs If suddenly became ill. Pulse is located in the state of anesthesia women began to fall sharply, and she stopped breathing. A dying woman was transported first to the hospital of traditional medicine, and then to the Central hospital. Her husband reported the incident and gave five thousand yuan (about 49 thousand) for medical expenses.

Since the death of the woman spouse is not able to contact the staff of the clinic of plastic surgery and still don’t know the name of the surgeon. The exact cause of death of women is also unknown.

Power check, had a surgeon and two nurses who conducted the operation, the necessary qualifications. A diploma is the anesthesiologist was able to confirm. According to Chinese law, doctors had no right to carry out the operation without the consent of at least one member of the family of the patient.

Representatives of the state Committee for health and the planned birth of the PRC to communicate with clinic staff and discuss the amount of compensation for families of the deceased.

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