The Muslims turned against Nike in the name of Allah on the sole


Photo: Nike

Sneakers Air Max American manufacturer of sports apparel, Nike has offended the religious feelings of Muslims. It is reported by Footwear News.

Activist named polar cod Noreen (Saiqa Noreen) noticed that in the logo printed on the soles of sneakers, supposedly encrypted the name of Allah in Arabic. According to women, the application of the specified word on the shoes, and even more so on contact with the ground the sole, is unacceptable.

Noreen created a petition on the website urging the company to stop the supply of shoes to the world market, because their design is offensive to Muslims. At the time of publication, the petition has collected nearly six thousand signatures.

In August of 2018 Nike in collaboration with the designer brand Alyx Matthew Williams released a black mask Balaclava. Soon, Twitter users accused the brand in the promotion of London’s criminal culture, and in an attempt to cash in on cruelty, which has long been an acute problem in the city.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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