The Pentagon has acknowledged the gap in cyber security


Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters

The Pentagon told about the backlog in the field of cybersecurity. A report of the office for test and evaluation of new weapons and military technologies reviewed by Bloomberg.

Despite the successful conduct of internal exercises, the management believe that the progress is insufficient to reflect the possible threats. According to the head of division Robert Behler, automation and artificial intelligence bring tremendous changes in cybersphere. He believes that the us military is not yet ready to fully face the new challenges.

In addition, in his opinion, the Pentagon does not have enough experts in cybersphere. There is also a lack of funding training of experts on cyber security.

According to the Agency, the report, which Buhler will introduce in the U.S. Senate on January 29, vulnerability cyberarmies of the country is celebrated for the first time. In October, the chamber said that despite the fact that the importance of cyber security says the first year, the military paid proper attention to this sector only recently.

On January 9 reported about a new report by the U.S. Department of defense, which stated that the logistical system of the U.S. army, intended for transporting troops and weapons for long distances, out of date, it needs urgent modernization in the event of military conflict with Russia or China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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