The Russians have offered to sell personal data


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Available for sale on the market of personal data can allow. The relevant amendments to the law “On information” prepared the Foundation for Internet development initiatives (FRIA), reports “Kommersant”.

The amendments introduce a new term “de-identified data” that will have free circulation in the market. It is assumed that citizens will be able to offer your business with your personal data for reward or not to give consent to the processing of information and to delete your information from circulation.

Assessment FRÍA, incomes from the sale of personal data will be from 15 thousand to 60 thousand roubles a year. It is argued that this will be a “powerful motivation” to register as self employed and will further attract the budget several billion rubles.

According to experts, such estimates are highly inflated, high speech can go about several thousand rubles a year, a bill designed in the interests of banks, mobile operators and major Internet services. It is noted that the proposed rules are actually removed from the market participants responsible for trading client personal data.

Roskomnadzor in January began administrative proceedings against social networking Facebook and Twitter, which was accused of violation of Russian law on the localization databases.

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