The Russians wanted to get 1.5 million patients with cerebral palsy



A resident of the Altai territory was put up for sale 200-ruble banknote for 1.5 million rubles. The ad with the “unusual note” posted on the website Avito.

The higher cost of bills, he explains its uniqueness. According to him, it differs from the other notes of this denomination issued in the series of AA size. She alleged two millimeters long and has other distinctive features. Thus, it is not fake.

“Just warning you what will be the question in the message this is a response to it (if you are collected to be rude you better inappropriately, such clerks sent to ….. with best wishes for the road and the wind in the back),” wrote user Vyacheslav (spelling and punctuation of the original retained “”).

Money (exactly one million rubles), the proceeds of the sale, a resident of Barnaul allegedly plans to spend on children suffering from cerebral palsy. The author of the ad warned in advance that it is not going to answer “inadequate people”. Also, a man sells detached house on a plot size of 4 acres for almost the same amount as the bill denomination of 200 rubles.

Bill denomination of 200 rubles put into circulation in October 2017. The introduction of new banknotes is explained by the simplification of the monetary transactions and withdrawal of old notes from circulation. With the two sides of the banknote depicts the Tauric Chersonesos and monument to the scuttled ships in Sevastopol. After the appearance of the 200-ruble notes became known about the purchase of new banknotes in Russian cities for the price of one and a half times more of the nominal value (300 rubles).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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