The “unarmed” of the crashed Tu-22M3 saw the rocket X-22


Photo: @JosephHDempsey

The victim, 22 January the crash of the Russian (Soviet) supersonic missile-bomber with variable sweep wing Tu-22M3 endured supersonic cruise anti-ship long-range missile X-22 or its educational version, wrote on Twitter the expert of the International Institute for strategic studies (UK), Joseph Dempsey.

“Although the Ministry of defence said that the Tu-22M3 no weapons, presented frames of the plane visible, presumably training [non-combat] version X-22”, — said the expert.

To such conclusion the expert came, watching video of the disaster Tu-22M3.

Over the past four years there have been four major accidents Tu-22M3. Victims of the latest incident in January of this year, were three of the four crew members. According to DoD, the crashed Tu-22M3 “performed flying without ammunition”.

In December 2018 at the airfield of Kazan aviation plant completed its first flight of the Russian submarine bomber Tu-22M3M.

Tu-22M3M created in the framework of the program of Tu-22M3. The defense Ministry will decide on the launch of a massive programme of updates of aircraft state testing results. In the case of successful tests to the level of Tu-22M3M upgrade 30 units of Tu-22M3.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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