The United States wanted to increase in Japan


Photo: Patrick Fallon / Reuters

The US plans to deploy in Japan a new radar to protect from the impact of Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). It is reported by the Yomiuri newspaper on Monday, January 28.

According to her, the American side wants to deploy land-based radar that can track ICBMs almost immediately after launch. Information collected through the device will be shared with the Japan self-defense Forces. In this case it is assumed to be protected from possible attacks on the US by North Korea, China and Russia.

It is noted that Washington intends to begin negotiations with Tokyo as soon as possible. The American side wants to deploy a new radar by 2025. A similar system will be commissioned in Hawaii two years earlier, in 2023-m.

In Japan, by 2023 Turkey plans to host two us ballistic missile defence system Aegis Ashore is the land version of the system Aegis (“aegis”). The decision was taken in December 2017. The complexes will be deployed in the prefectures of Akita and Yamaguchi, so they should cover the whole country.

On 19 January, the Pentagon released a new military strategy, in which the main strategic rivals of Washington named Russia and China. The document also noted that the threat to US security are Iran and North Korea. Separately it was mentioned about the plans to improve the capabilities of a missile defense system.

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