The US called on the army of Venezuela to the side of the opposition


Photo: Fernando Llano / AP Photo

The United States urges the Venezuelan military to side with the opposition. This was stated by Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton, Reuters reports.

“We call on all military and security forces of Venezuela to acknowledge a peaceful, democratic and constitutional transition of power,” he said at a briefing for journalists.

Bolton cited as an example of the military attaché of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington Colonel Jose Luis Silva. The January 27, broke off relations with President-elect Nicolas Maduro and acknowledged head of the Latin American country’s opposition, Guido.

January 28, Guido admitted that conducts secret negotiations with the military and officials for the removal of Maduro. According to him, is a “delicate issue of personal security.”

On 26 January it was reported that the US a few weeks developed a secret plan for the support of the Venezuelan opposition. It was noted that Parliament speaker Huang Guido declared himself interim President after a call by the us Vice President Mike Pence, who promised him the recognition of Washington.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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