The woman became pregnant from two men


Photo: home of Graeme Berney-Edwards in Facebook

For the first time in the UK a gay couple have a baby from a surrogate mother, which is impregnated from both parents. This publication reports The Mirror.

Simon (Simon) and Graham Bernie-Edwards (Graeme Berne-Edwards) from the UK since the Dating wanted to create a family and have a child. They went to the clinic for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Los Angeles. The surrogate mother of their children has agreed to be 32-year-old Meg stone (Meg Stone) for 25 thousand pounds (2.2 million rubles).

According to stone, when she first saw private affair of Simon and Graham, it attracted them a friendly smile. Recently a woman broke up with their boyfriend and was not ready for another child. Then she decided to help someone in need.

Men could not decide who will be the biological father of their unborn child, however, in the clinic, they assured that the process can engage both partners. “We were told that one half of the embryos can I fertilize and the other Graham,” explained Simon.

“Meg did a great job. Turns out, she actually got pregnant from just two men, says 43-year-old Simon. Thanks to the wonderful possibilities of IVF, we managed to fulfill our dream.”

After Simon and Graham were married they went on honeymoon to Canada to personally meet with stone, which at that time was in her fifth month of pregnancy. Toddlers and Alexander Calder were born healthy and very like in appearance to their fathers.

In January a resident of the UK, who for eight years couldn’t conceive with her husband, baby, got pregnant twice in one week. Initially the woman became pregnant through IVF, and a few days prior to the surgery in the time spent with her husband vacation in a natural way.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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