Tourists will draw on the Taimyr legends about the gold of Hyperborea


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In Krasnoyarsk region will be a new attraction — the ecological trail “Ice cave”, which will have a copy of a pagan idol, the Golden Baba, said “Taimyr Telegraph”.

The trail will lead on the one hand, within Norilsk, on the other — in walking distance of the mountain gorge and waterfall Red Stones.

The Golden Woman — a goddess of the North, the legendary idol of the ancient goddess of peace, tranquility and domestic happiness, she contributed to the fertility of the land and the birth of children. According to ancient legend, the idol was cast from pure gold and hidden somewhere in the North in Hyperborea, among the endless rivers, swamps and forests.

The figure put in the summer, it will be a symbol of the gorge, the center places of Power and, as expected, Arctic tourists. The authors of the project plan to materialize and other characters of legends and myths of peoples of the North.

The project is implemented by Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of the Arctic, with the support of “Norilsk Nickel”, the coordinating Council of RSPP on development of the Northern territories and the Arctic, the Russian geographical society — a total of more than 20 departments, agencies and organizations.

In November of last year in the framework of the festival “Big Argish” took place the premiere of performance-travel “Hyperborea. The Putorana Plateau”. The second show was held on January 17 in Norilsk.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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