Ukraine’s economy have predicted the collapse because of the loss of gas transit


Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

Termination of transit of Russian gas will lead to the fall of the Ukrainian economy. This was stated by Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadim Rabinovich in an interview to NewsOne. The relevant portion of the broadcast is available on YouTube.

The MP stated that in the event of termination of gas transit Ukraine will have to spend a huge amount on the maintenance of the idle pipeline. According to the parliamentarian, it will cost the Ukrainian budget of three billion dollars a year. “Now there will be nothing — the new Treaty is not concluded. What will we have then? It’s for Ukraine or against it?” asked Rabinowitz.

The current contract for the transit of gas between “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” will expire at the end of 2019. January 1, 2020, the planned launch of the gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”.

Russia is building two pipelines bypassing Ukraine — “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”. The first will connect Russia and Germany under the Baltic sea, the second will run under the Black sea to Turkey and on to southern and South-Eastern Europe.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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