We arrived at the children’s party of Russians stole the Puma


Photo: Igor Zehl / CTK / Globallookpress.com

In Moscow, the animators stole a Cougar, luring children on the occasion. About the injured Victor Grigoriev told REN TV.

According to him, he animals came to celebrate the birthday girl, but the apartment he was attacked by “some persons”. Among them was a former companion of the animator.

The attackers began to choke Grigorieva, and he lost consciousness. Then the attackers caught Puma with pillows and blankets.

“They said they take the cat and demanded 100 thousand to get it back. They kidnapped him and took. Went to the police, that was fast,” — said the victim.

Puma returned to the owner in 4-5 days with a broken leg and exhausted condition.

The alleged kidnappers detained the animal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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