A flight attendant died during a long flight


Photo: Aleksey Bychkov / Globallookpress.com

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant, died during the flight Honolulu — new York city, which lasts more than nine hours. It is reported by Travel and Leisure.

According to the official statement of the airline, the incident occurred three hours after the plane took off from Honolulu international airport. The stewardess Emily Griffith needed urgent medical help, and the pilots had to emergency land a plane in San Francisco. However, upon landing, the medics pronounced him dead stewardesses.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dedicated employee Emily Griffith, who has worked in the airlines for over 31 years and died doing his job — says the official statement of the airline. Emily always loved his work in Hawaiian and shared this with our passengers.”

In December last year, the Georgian, was flying a Hungarian airline Wizz Air from Milan to Kutaisi, felt ill during the flight. The crew decided to urgently land the plane at the airport of Belgrade that she received medical treatment. However, doctors do not have time to save the woman, and she died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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