A scary note from the nurse the patient was delighted by network users


Photo: WaspDog / Reddit

A Reddit user under the nickname WaspDog published a note nurses from China, which she left with her patient-a foreigner. Schematically drawn recommendations and the treatment procedure have delighted subscribers.

On a piece of paper was specified medical prohibition to eat and drink water, the nurse is portrayed as food in the plate and a leaky faucet. Below she drew a bloody knife with a note: “Tomorrow morning, 8:00”. So she told of the impending operation.

“A foreign student was hospitalized in China, and the nurse who couldn’t speak English, informed him about the operation the note,” explained WaspDog.

Reddit users were delighted with the ingenuity of nurses. “The worst prediction of the fate of the cookies,” joked one of the users, referring to a common Chinese pastry with notes by divination. “Without knowing the context, it looks like a note someone stuck somewhere without food or water, and they’ll just end up suffering at certain times for some reason,” suggested another.

Many have begun to argue, is why the nurse depicted the operation using the bloody knife, and not the other way. Most agreed that she was trying to beat common in many languages the expression “to go under the knife”, indicating surgical intervention. “She’s trying to overcome the language barrier, and I think the knife is more versatile,” concluded one of the wranglers.

Earlier the user imageboard nickname MissFourbyFour shared the story about the noble act of his brother. He posthumously became an organ donor. Commentators dubbed him a hero.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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