A woman is diagnosed with infertility gave birth twice


Photo: Hannah Carpenter

Fruitless a resident of the UK, which in 2007 was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (disruption of the ovaries), was the mother of two children. About this newspaper the Ipswich Star.

Hannah carpenter (Hannah Carpenter) with her husband Mike from the English town of Ipswich, County Suffolk, tried all possible methods to conceive, including in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, none of them led to the desired result.

According to carpenter, she managed to get pregnant only after she began to regularly visit the gym. Despite the fact that the doctors were unsure of her infertility, three years ago, a woman gave birth to her first daughter, Nancy (Nancy).

“When I was diagnosed, I was devastated. I even doubted the doctor that he will never be able to have children, — says the woman. — To go through IVF was hard. The second time it worked, but I had a miscarriage. Husband heavily experienced loss.”

After the birth of the first child, the carpenter felt very happy and did not even hoped that it will soon get pregnant again. “I always wanted to be a mother of two children. So the second pregnancy in two years was for me a real miracle,” she explained.

A British woman gave birth to two healthy girls and has no plans to have another child, but “nobody knows how to dispose of destiny.”

Earlier in January it was reported that for the first time in the UK a gay couple have a baby from a surrogate mother, which is impregnated from both parents. Men could not decide who will be the biological father of their unborn child, however, in the clinic, they assured that the process can engage both partners.

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