American has forgotten the 40 years of his life and returned in 1980


Kim Harris DenicolaФото: David Denicola

A resident of the American city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lost his memory and forgot everything that happened in the last 40 years. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

56-year-old Kim Harris Denicola (Kim Harris Denicola) became ill after attending Bible club. She felt a strong headache, then the woman has clouded eyes. She lost consciousness and woke up in the hospital.

After waking up Denicola did not recognize her husband, nor children, nor grandchildren. “The nurse told me: “do You know what year it is?”, — she recalls. — I said, “Yes, mA’am. Now 1980”. She asked who the President. Say, “Ronald Reagan””.

Denicola believed that she was 18 years old, and her last memory was the final exam in school. “The awakening came when I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, she says. — There was not the same girl I remembered. There was a 56-year-old woman.”

Doctors believe she experienced transient global amnesia, and I doubt that the lost memories ever return. The woman claims that never heard of Donald trump or Barack Obama. She took a private computer for the TV and mobile phones caused her shock.

“Most new TV that I remember was a box on the floor. To change the channel, had to get up and go to him, she says. — And now our TV is hanging on the wall, and it is very narrow and thin. Watch it — not what it used to. Was too much advertising.”

29 January it was reported that after the accident the girl from Japan repeatedly losing her memory and forgot her fiance, however, he again became acquainted with her. Due to her illness she had every morning to know what happened the day before.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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