An Orthodox Jew originally recharge the phone and became a star


Photo: u/nesheks / reddit

A Reddit user under the nickname nesheks published a picture in which an Orthodox Jew for convenience, put the phone charging on the field of his hat. The ingenuity of men has led users to the excitement and gave rise to a wave of jokes.

“The guy charges your phone on the bus,” commented the author of the post. Judging by the photos, the length of telephone wire is not enough in order to take the gadget in the hand, and the man was forced to clip it on a hat.

In a few hours the publication has garnered over 40 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. A wryly explained the appearance of the hero photo. “A little unorthodox, but it works” — described the situation the user TracyTrumpleskins.

Some joked that the image could illustrate the full force of human evolution. According to them, the stranger understood the true meaning of the phrase “use your head”.

One commenter suggested that the hero of the photo actually lives in the 3019 year. “No, he lives in 5779-m,” retorted the other, implying the Jewish calendar.

Earlier, a Reddit user was surprised by a note from the nurse, which addressed the foreign patient. In her paintings she depicted his routine and telling time operation. Surgery girl depicted in the form of a bloody knife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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