Dagestan and Azerbaijan predicted disputes over 170-year-old skull


E. E. Lansere. “Hadji Murad with his”Photo: Mikhail Filimonov / RIA Novosti

Some Federal officials have concerns that the transfer of the skull Avar chieftain Hadji Murad from the St. Petersburg Museum of the Dagestan Republic “will contribute to the revival of national historical memory” among the local population, and it threatens the growth of separatist sentiment. This opinion was expressed by a senior researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies of the RAS, political scientist Ruslan Kurbanov, reports the “Caucasian knot”.

“These concerns are frivolous, groundless,” he stressed.

At the same time the political scientist mentioned that the burial of the skull along with the body can resist in Azerbaijan (the remains of Haji Murat is buried in the Gakh region of the country — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). “Modern Azerbaijan does not want to raise the national consciousness of the Avars, Lezgins and other peoples living in the North of the state. For Azerbaijan such a surge of awareness of the identity of Dagestanis through the recovery of historical memory can be frightening due to fears of separatist movements,” — said Kurbanov. In his opinion, to solve this issue only at the public hearings, involving members of the clergy, which would explain if Islam allows burial of body parts in different places.

The Republic’s authorities are not yet sure that the issue is resolved completely. “Unfortunately, we are not immune from voluntarism and variability of the views of individuals on which it depends. Until the skull of Hadji Murad will not be transferred and buried, to talk about ending the problem,” said a member of the Public chamber of Dagestan, a former adviser to the head of the Republic Denga Khalidov.

The question of the return of the skull Hadji Murad decided to Dagestan for almost 20 years. In late January, the Deputy of the state Duma hajimurad Omarov announced that the administration of the President of Russia agreed to hand over the remains in Dagestan. “Following consultations with the leadership of the Republic of Dagestan has decided to carry out the act of transfer of the remains later given the current political situation in the Republic”, — stated in the document. Of the situation in question is not specified.

Hadji Murad — Avar leader and military commander, the Naib of Imam Shamil and his “right hand”. The hero of the novel by Leo Tolstoy died in 1852, after a collision with a detachment of the highland militia on the territory of Azerbaijan. Currently, the mummified head is in the Museum of anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) in St. Petersburg. In 2000, she was removed from the Museum Fund and an exhibit is no longer available.

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