Disclosed task allegedly threw mercenaries in Venezuela plane


Photo: Manaure Quintero / Reuters

On the plane that was allegedly carrying Russian mercenaries for the protection of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, actually flew the delegation of the Russian judiciary. It is reported Paraguayan newspaper UltimaHora.

The delegation headed by Chairman of the Supreme court (SC) of Russia Vyacheslav Lebedev arrived in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion to meet with local colleagues. In particular, the Russian judges met with the President of the Supreme court of Paraguay, Jose Raul Torres Kirmser and Vice-President of the Republic, Hugo Velasquez Moreno. After that, the Russian delegation went to Havana, where Lebedev was scheduled to meet with the head of Cuba’s Supreme people’s court Ruben Remigio ferro.

That to Venezuela for the protection of the Maduro arrived Russian mercenaries from private military companies (PMCs), reported Reuters. According to the head of the Committee of the all-Russian officers ‘ Assembly, the ataman of farm Cossack society “Khovrino” Eugene Shabaeva, Venezuela was sent to about 400 Russian mercenaries. According to him, the military first carried in two airplanes to Havana, and from there was transferred to Caracas.

Later in the Kremlin has denied reports that Venezuela had sent 400 fighters from Russia.

January 23, speaker of the Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido proclaimed himself as President amid mass protests. It is recognized by the US, Canada, several countries in Latin America. Russia considers the legitimate leader of the country’s elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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