Fallen from an old chair a bundle of money splitting the Jews


Photo: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

In Jerusalem looking for the owner bundles of 100-dollar bills found in one of the offices of the Jewish religious educational institution Secular yeshiva. According to the Israeli newspaper “Kikar Shabbat”, the money fell out of the chair, chosen two years ago on a nearby dumpster.

The chair gave the student of a boarding school “Shlomi Shem” at the yeshiva. Sitting on it, he felt uncomfortable and checked out what the cause of the inconvenience. From the chair fell out a wad of notes, which attracted the attention of the four students who were in the room. After a prolonged pause, one of them decided to take the initiative and quickly took the money. The boy who was sitting on a chair, managed to pull off one of the $ 100 bills, the newspaper reports.

In addition to witnesses the incident, the money claims the former student who found a chair in the garbage and brought to a boarding school. Each wishing to possess a discovery refers to different precedents and the judgments of Israel to get money.

The leadership and teachers of the yeshiva tried to solve the dispute, but not come to a definite opinion. In the end, the fate of the cash will be to solve the religious court.

In November 2018, it was reported that the couple from the American city of Rincon, Georgia, found money stuffed the bag and returned it to the owner. In the collector bag was about 25 thousand dollars (1.6 million rubles).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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