Fired a top Manager of “Rosgeologia” recalled criminal proceedings and change of name


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Former Deputy head of “Rosgeologia” Ruslan Goring changed the name — before he was Ganjevi. Reported by the Daily Storm.

According to the publication, until 2011 he served the army, and then went into business.

In 2011, he was detained when receiving a bribe of five million rubles. “Look” called him an accomplice of the Chairman of Lenin regional Council of deputies of the Moscow region Alexander Hazeltine. The latter, according to the publication, extorted money from the companies involved in garbage collection. Information about the involvement of Gorringe to the criminal case Daily Storm confirmed his ex — wife, Hedy Sago.

Sources in law enforcement said that in 2012 in Ingushetia Hanegev (full data — Hanegev Ruslan Magomedovich) received a new passport and driver’s license, becoming Ruslan Izrailovich Gorringe.

Based on comments left on the website “news of Ingushetia Bakary”, the publication cites other details of the life of a top Manager. In particular, he is credited with several marriages, including with the African. Another anonymous user said that Goring is located in the Federal wanted list for fraud committed on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region.

It was initially reported that the dismissal of the top Manager authorized the Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin, it was specified that he has reprimanded the head of the company Roman Panov. However, Rosgeologia said that the Corporation is not in direct subordination to the Ministry. “Roman Panov is not directly subordinate to the Minister of natural resources. And he can’t make reprimands him and dismiss employees of the company,” said RBC representative of the company.

The contract with Gorringe ripped the leadership of “Rosgeologia”, reports “Interfax”. After the verification of facts of violation of labour relations and commercial disclosure information, there has not been established. One of the colleagues of the top Manager said that a letter of resignation that he wrote after a conversation with the boss.

Gorring lost their jobs after the Internet appeared the video with his participation. On the recording he plays an online game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds and in profanity communicates with subordinate and talks about work in the company, as well as threaten other players with death. Deputy head of “Rosgeologia” explains to the woman that her main task in the workplace — pounding. In addition, he chastises her for your airline tickets business class, not first.

Ruslan Herring worked “Rosgeologia” in 2015, first Deputy General Director of the company, he became in October 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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