In the state Duma urged to support mom-adolescents on the example of the Americans


Oksana Pushkina Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

In the state Duma proposed to conduct school lessons on the topic of early motherhood, to fight stigma teenage. On Tuesday, January 29, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“In order to avoid a huge number of single mothers, children left behind, well if bebiboksy, and then thrown in the trash, society is time to recognize this phenomenon as fact. The rights of the mother, regardless of her age, safeguarded and protected by the state”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children, Oksana Pushkin, who announced the proposal.

According to her, it is necessary to involve psychologists, teachers and parents, and preventive measures must be “systematic and General, open and accessible”. The MP also cited the experience of the United States, where he came for training in 1993. According to her, even then, there was produced a lot of movies and TV shows on this topic.

“One of the TV shows was called “Mother-teenager”. I watched with great attention and thought about how accessible and easy they say about it,” said Pushkin. She stressed that “Russia is important every child”.

In 2017, the state Duma Deputy Olga batalina has proposed to stimulate early motherhood with the help of a mortgage. In her opinion, subject to the birth of their first child under the age of 23 years, young parents should receive assistance in the payment of part of decorated their mortgage at the expense of public funds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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