In the United States began to produce new nuclear weapons to fight Russia


Photo: Reuters

In the United States began to produce a new nuclear weapon of low power, designed to fight Russia. This publication reports NPR.

New warhead W76-2 will be installed in submarines. Its capacity is about five kilotons. Arms production is organized in Texas, the first batch have to put in troops before the end of September.

According to the publication, the development of nuclear warheads of low power was launched on the orders of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump. U.S. authorities believe that Russia has similar weapons that can give her the advantage in case of conflict. The new warhead would allow Washington to even the odds.

Experts believe that nuclear weapons with small capacity can limit the area of conflict, and more accurately predict losses among the civilian population. On the other hand, experts fear that such developments will only increase the likelihood of nuclear war, as it will remove the limitation on the use of nuclear weapons due to its small capacity. In addition, the warheads could provoke a new arms race.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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