In Turkmenistan the students under the bill banned have fun


Photo: Reuters

Students of Turkmen higher education establishments are obliged to write a note on “decent” behavior of the winter break. About it reports “Radio Azatlyk” (local service “Radio Svoboda”) with reference to sources among teachers and students.

Students said that before they went on vacation with them, conducted interviews, the results of which were taken and receipts. Students were forbidden to speak on the mobile phone, surf the Internet, attend weddings, walk to visit friends and be away from their settlements.

A few days earlier, the students were obliged to go home on trains, planes or on public buses. According to the parents of the students of one of Moscow universities, their children also warned that on return they should submit to the Dean copies of their tickets, confirming the use of permitted modes of transport.

It is also reported that the Turkmen students are required to abide by a strict dress code. Young men must wear a white shirt under a black suit with shoes and tie of the same color, and taqiyah (traditional embroidered skull-cap). Uniform girls change regularly, mostly black jacket in the winter, as well as fine red robes in spring and autumn. Students are forbidden to wear jewelry of precious metals and manicure. Allowed minimal make-up.

Earlier it was reported that Turkmen students are not allowed to drive. With students in writing undertake to refrain from driving until then, until they finish school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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