On Samburski sued


Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

TV-presenter and actress Nastassja Samburski sued for libel. On this portal, Super said lawyer Catherine Gordon.

Gordon represents the interests of Svetlana Belogurova, which requires the actor Alexander Golovin to acknowledge the paternity of his daughter. And Belogurova, and Samburski reported that the first lived in the apartment of the presenter.

At the end of December Samburski published in Instagram a fragment of correspondence, which showed that she had given the girl a month to move out of the apartment. Signature also means that the daughter of Belogurova was conceived in “a state of narcotic intoxication”.

At the moment, the publication is removed, but is preserved as screenshots in several media.

“Ms. Samburski notorious for not watching their language, but, accusing the World of doing drugs, she violates the law,” said Gordon. She also added that Samburski require 10 thousand rubles as compensation and a public refutation of this information.

An action taken in Simonovsky district court of Moscow. On the court’s website also reported that Belogurova is a plaintiff in another case, a “paternity”. The defendant listed Golovin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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