Published on the housing prospects of the St. Petersburg janitors


Photo: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

The average period of accumulation in their own apartment for employed in Saint-Petersburg janitors is about 12.5 years. This is stated in the materials Ledger “Transfer”, submitted on Tuesday, January 29, in edition”.ru”.

Analysts estimate that the average wage of a janitor in the Northern capital, taking into account both urban services, and private management companies, is 27 thousand rubles a month. Putting half of that amount, St. Petersburg janitor can through 12.5 years to save about two million rubles.

This amount at the beginning of 2019, it is sufficient for the purchase of finished housing a small square in the center of the city, underline the analysts of “Footage”.

“[For two million rubles] to buy the lot with an area of 16 square meters at the intersection of Ligovsky Prospekt and Rasstannaya street, within walking distance from the metro station “Obvodny Kanal””, — stated in the materials of the company.

In January 2019, the analysts of a portal “World apartments” has calculated, how long will it take the people of different regions to afford an apartment in Moscow. According to them, the faster all this happens the inhabitants of the Chukotka Autonomous district — the high level of wages in the region allows to save six million rubles for five years, delaying the salary is entirely. The average term of accumulation of capital “odnushku” in all regions of the country was, according to the company, for 12 years.

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