Revealed the history of creation of the Russian PMC


Eben, Barlotto: Reuters

The idea of creating private military companies (PMCs) in Russia was Eben Barlow, a former Lieutenant General of the South African security forces and founder of the world’s first legal private army Executive Outcomes, performing a wide range of services — from the protection of heads of States and security to military intervention. This is stated in the investigation of the newspaper The Bell.

At the moment Barlow lives in the USA, where he is charged with laundering $ 150 million through the Ministry of defence of the country, as well as bribing officials, planning murder, illegal possession of weapons, and immigration fraud.

It is reported that Barlow arrived in Russia in 2010 as a member of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. In addition to formal presentations, he held the closed presentation of the concept of PMCs before the representatives of the General staff of the defense Ministry, where he had already considered the idea of forming a private army of retired military and contract for a secret task. The structure was decided to be illegal because of the difficulties with gun control.

The source of The Bell, represented as having many years of work in private military structures of the people, said that the businessman initially didn’t like the idea of PMCs. The same was confirmed by a source in the defense Ministry, noting that the project seemed Prigogine dangerous and unprofitable. “But such request shall not refuse,” he added.

Reports that Russian mercenaries carry out special assignments of the Ministry of defence in different countries, regularly appears in the press. Since January 25, sources informed about their transfer to Venezuela for the protection of President Nicolas Maduro in November 2018, Bloomberg reported that the staff of PMCs working in 10 African countries.

The Russian foreign Ministry acknowledged the presence of private military companies from Russia to the Sudan and the fact that the specialists of the Ministry of defense strengthen the army of the Central African Republic. The presence of Russian mercenaries in Ukraine and in Syria, the Kremlin repeatedly denied this and pointed out that the existence of PMCs in Russia is impossible by law.

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