Russia has questioned the ability of Venezuela to pay debts


Sergey Storchakom: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

Venezuelan authorities may defer the payment of debts in front of Russia due to the political crisis in the country. This was told by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, quoted by “Interfax”.

According to the official, in March, Venezuela will have to pay Russia € 100 million. This amount is the interest on the debt of Caracas to Moscow at $ 3.15 billion. According to Storchak, Russia has provided a grace period for the repayment of this debt. Under the terms, Venezuela’s first six years will pay only the interest and then only twice a year — in March and September. The total repayment period to 10 years, the agreement was concluded in 2017, the loan rate is fixed.

“The problems probably will. It all depends now from the army, from the troops, how they will be faithful to his duty and oath. Another estimate is hard to give, it is impossible”, — declared Storchak, noting that while Venezuela is the delinquency on debt is not allowed.

Assessing the possibility of default on the debt of Venezuela, Storchak reminded of the recent experience of crediting of Ukraine. “The sovereign borrower does not pay or when you do not want or can not. Can not — this is the default, do not want — that’s politics. There are such cases, the neighbor we do not want” — said Storchak.

The opposition leader of Venezuela and a self-proclaimed President Huang Guido previously accused acting President Nicolas Maduro of failing to protect the interests of foreign investors, in particular, Russian and Chinese. Russia refused to recognize the authority of Guido and continues to support Maduro.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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